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TransportDEMENTIA 5 meeting in 2023

The 5th TransportDEMENTIA meeting will be helt from
Monday, 28th August – Friday, 1st September, 2023
in the Artic Capital Tromsø.

Tromsø is well known for its most northern university of the world – the University of the Arctic (UiT). It has excellent fishing and whale watching opportunities, and is located beyond the arctic cicle with wonderful nights with the magnificent Northern Lights (Aurora borealis overview at Tromsø).

Our meeting will be helt during the time in the year where the days are still long and we also have excellent conditions for nightwatches for Northern Lights. Global & Tromsø 4-hours-forcast at UiT.

Preliminary Programme (pdf download)

>> Registration (latest 1 July) <<

>> Abstract submission (talks, posters)


From Advanced Technologies to Applied Translational Medicine

• The Role of ABC and SLC Transporters in Health and Disease
New Insights into the Pathophysiology of Transporter-related Processes
• The Role of ABC A1/A7 Transporters in Neurodegenerative Diseases
From Risk Factors to Disease Rescue – Function of A-Group Transporters
• The Role of ABC and SLC Transporters in Drug Disposition and Discovery
From Undesired Side Effects to Advanced Drug Development Pipelines
• Cellular and Animal Disease Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases
New Disease Models – Links between Diseases, Translational Applications
• Transporter-associated Disease Model Systems
In vitro, In vivo, and Clinical Applications
• Structural, Functional, and Regulatory Aspects of Transport Processes
From Solute Translocation to Signal Transduction, Trafficking, and Cascades
• Improved Analytical Methods and New Assays
New ABC Transporter Assays, Mass Spectrometry Imaging, OMICS
• New Advanced Technologies
From Computational Interaction Prediction, AI to Imaging Techniques
• Multi-omics & Bioactivity Networks
From Prote-, Metabol- and Lipidomics to Interactomics and Bioinformatics
• ABC Transporters for Clinical Use
PET imaging, Specific Metabolites for Disease Detection, Treatment
• Translation between Fields
Methods, Assays, Pharmacology, Medicine, Animals, AI, Patients

• Feel not represented? Suggest a Topic!

Special Issue in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences

We will produce a special issue (LINK) of all presenters and those attendants that are interested to contribute. We negotiated the conditions and are ready to receive your titles and abstracts for setting up this special issue.


Travel from and to Tromsø is easily possible with direct flights from major European destinations and via Oslo-Gardermoen.
Direct international flights from Copenhagen, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Helsinki, London (LGW), London (LTN), Munich, Paris (CDG), Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich.

Venue location

Scandic Ishavshotel (Scandic Arctic Sea Hotel) a special booking code will be sent after registration

Participants’ costs

  • Congress: 350€ (including Tromsø tour and 3 on-site dinners on monday, tuesday, and thursday (drinks need to be paid extra)

Not included:
– Fjellstua dinner on hilltop on Wednesday (30th August)
– Northern Lights Tour – if needed, we will organize a guide with bus to get us to the best spot depending on the solar weather, we expect to actually use the Hilltop Dinner at Fjellstua to be able to see Northern Lights right after the dinner til midnight.
– Boat Tour and Whale Watching (will be announced later)

Short Program Overview

Monday 28th – registration 12-18, 18-20 project meetings PETABC & TARIMAD; 20:00 Welcome dinner
Tuesday 29th – conference 09-12, 16-19, and 20-22; 13-15 lunch tour through Tromsø; dinner 19-20; bar 22-01
Wednesday 30th – conference 09-19; 19-21 dinner at Fjellstua restaurant; 21-01 Northern Lights Midnight Tour
Thursday 31st – conference 8:00-12; 13-19 boat tour; bar 20-01
Friday 1st – breakfast and discussions, departure