Dr. Stefanie Maria Brendecke, M.D.

Current Affiliations
2016 – Oslo University Hospital (OUS), LIS at Department of Pathology, Norway

Former Affiliations
2016 – Medical Manager, Roche Pharma AG, Grenzach-Whylen, Germany
2011-2015 – University of Freiburg, Institute for Neuropathology, Germany
2011 – University of Heidelberg, Department of Anesthesiology, Germany

2017 – E.F.N. European Fellow in Neuropathology (Euro-CNS)
2010 – M.D. (Dr. med.) at the University of Freiburg, Medical Faculty, Freiburg
2010 – State Examination in Medicine (Germany)
2003-2010 – Medical Faculty, University of Freiburg, Germany
2006-2007 – Medical Faculty, University of Bergen, Norway