Huntington’s disease

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ABC transporters play an important role in different neurodegenerative diseases. We therefore investigate also Huntington’s disease as a genetic disease with known disease locus. To assess effects of the CAG repeat expansions in the Huntingtin gene, we generated a new model zQ175dn based on an available model (see below). Currently, we investigate a new treatment based on our recent results an a re-purposing strategy. This treatment shows efficient disease modifying effects.
Additionally, we are insterested to assess ABCC1 and ABCA7 function for the disease initiation and disease progression. Recent results show that an important common modulator may be responsible for disease modification in the mouse model and is regulated via ABCA7.

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* Published Research Papers (selection):

  • A novel Huntington’s disease assessment platform to support future drug discovery and development
    Int J of Molecular Sciences (2022)

    Wu J, Möhle L, Brüning T, Eiriz I, Rafehi M, Stefan K, Stefan SM, and Pahnke J
    23(23):14763 PubMed PDF
    Open Data Access