The role of the blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer’s disease function
Funding organisations: NFR (Norway)

Jens Pahnke, University of Oslo (UiO), Department of Neuro-/Pathology, Translational Neurodegeneration Research and Neuropathology Lab, Oslo, Norway

The blood-brain barrier transport of Abeta is important for the homeostasis of the brain. Decreased transport induces deposition of toxic metabolites and leads to cognitive decline. The regulation of ABC transporters is one hallmark of the proposed investigations. The project aims to analyse the regulation of ABCB1 and ABCC1 during aging and as cause for neurodegenerative diseases, esp. Alzheimer’s disease. We will investgate the functional network of ABC transporters and factors that increase and decrease the funtion of these. We will use newly developed humanized mice which will enable us to identify the interplay of different ABC transporters at the endothelial cell layer of the BBB. The interaction and regulation of Abeta export will enable us to highlight the interaction of regualtory mechanisms.